Mr. Douglass's Page

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I started my St. Rose teaching career in 2015. I spent the past 41 years as a professional educator including being a junior high teacher, a junior high principal, an elementary principal, a high school teacher and now back in middle school.  I believe that reading is the key to academic success and will strive to make reading an enjoyable and beneficial activity for each of my students. I have been married for a "long" time and we have one daughter who is a teacher for the Lima City Schools. I love our pets, love to travel, enjoy cooking, and have just started riding my bicycle after a 15 year break.  

8th grade news

8th grade is a big year for our students.  They are preparing to enter high school next year, so we are trying to prepare them to be independent workers and thinkers.  

The 8th-graders also have some responsibility for different jobs in the church and school.  We clean and refill the holy water dishes in church every week, as well as checking the votive candles and replacing them when needed.  We help to keep the church tidy by replacing song books in the racks and making sure that kneelers are raised after Mass..  We  collect the in-school mail and take it to the office, and change the sign on West Street when needed.

Parents, I want your children to succeed as much as you do!   Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions or concerns.